Incorporated in 2004, IEST Inc., is an I.T. solutions provider and a wholly-owned subsidiary of DFNN. As the owner and operator of multiple gaming licenses, IEST provides betting and gaming technologies. These licenses allow IEST to create and supply a proprietary system and technology platform inside partnered gaming outlets. Products under the licenses are Instawin and Xchangebet.

Both licenses are valid until 2033 and allow provisions for multiple platforms, computer terminals, and mobile devices. IEST customers include affiliates operating e-casino sites in areas around the Philippines.


The InstaWin Games is a collection of simple and easy-to-play games. The games require little or no time to learn and have simple objectives to win. Game themes include fantasy, adventure, sports and other game themes presented to appeal to its targeted audience. New games are added every month.

The InstaWin Games are PAGCOR’s latest game offering and an attempt to introduce in the Philippines the “soft” gaming variety of the gaming world. Soft games are the new front-runners and favorite of casual gamers in the European market.

TREGS Instawin Outlet